I haven't knowingly done anything to trigger this and I haven't heard from Google that they are doing any testing. I received 5 notifications this morning "FCM Messages Test Notifications!!!!" Test send notification from the notification hub. In my case, I had struggled a bit to get this to work as I was trying to test a scheduled task that was going to send push notification every few minutes to FCM. Heads up notifications require a "max" importance level. In the Azure portal, on the Notification Hub page for your hub, select Test Send in the Troubleshooting section.. For Platforms, select Android.. Testing push notifications can still be pretty damn difficult. The number of S’s in the notification keeps varying. Following on that, let's look at the common workflow of FCM messages -- notification messages and data messages, and how to handle these messages … / Test Notificationsss!!!! Notification messages. seems it is related to an exploit lets hope that Microsoft or Google plug it soon, otherwise I'll be uninstalling the Teams app on my phone. I got a four notification messages on Google hangouts that says "FCM Messages Test Notification!! More info: Users may receive notifications that state: "FCM Messagess : Test Notifications" Current status: We're analyzing detailed forensics within the Teams mobile notification infrastructure to identify the cause of impact. In recent days, users of both Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts have reported receiving apparent test notifications mentioning FCM through the app. Methods to test FCM Push Notifications: Notifications composer Limitation: Can only test Notification Messages with this approach. Scope of impact: This issue may potentially impact any user with Microsoft Teams … was sent out to people through Microsoft Teams. I had printed the token to my logs and then taken that token to my Postman for testing, not realising that it already has been used in the scheduled calls to FCM. A strange notification reading "FCM Messages Test Notification!!!!" As you can see in the screenshot I got four test notifications (after clicking on a fifth one just a minute before). The default FCM channel used is hidden from users, however provides a "default" importance level. Legacy FCM HTTP Protocol + Postman / Terminal As per documentation, any apps that use device group messaging must continue to use the legacy API for the management of … Many people received the message several times within a short timespan. Let’s start coding but before starting code, here is the Lifecycle Flow of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Register devices to receive messages from FCM. FCM can send a notification message including an optional data payload. FCM Messages / FCM Messagess [sic] --- Test Notifications!!! This means that we need to first … ... " We're investigating an issue where users are receiving Test notifications on their mobile devices. Android makes things a bit easier but you still need to download the entire Android Developer Studio (and SDK) just to test a couple of push notifications. For testing or for marketing and user re-engagement, you can send notification messages using the Firebase … You can send push notifications from the Azure portal by taking the following steps:. Where shall I look for the cause. On Android, notification messages are sent to Notification Channels which are used to control how a notification is delivered. In such cases, FCM handles displaying the notification payload, and the client app handles the data payload. Select Send.You won't see a notification … I don’t own an iOS device and using the Xcode simulator is not an option.